Eye Ball Ventures, Inc at the moment employs 28 people throughout the world.

Principals of are seasoned entrepreneurs with 9 years of management experience operating companies in online sector. We have launched first firm in 2000 and has never been unprofitable since.

Through tight network of strategic resources placed in few countries is now able to run an online marketing campaigns and tactics that involve multiple mediums, such as media buys, social media, forums, ad placements, pay per click, search engine optimization, etc.

Our online ventures began when we started software outsourcing consulting firm in 2000 after seeing a need in USA market place for cost effective way to bring in IT development to USA.

Prior to working on software outsourcing firm, pricinpals of were involved in technology sectors across different verticals:

  • Hospitality – InTown Suites Management, Inc
  • Manufacturing – Georgia-Pacific Corporation
  • Finance – Visionary Systems, Inc
  • Telecom – Incomm
  • Finance – Teletrack